Sunday, May 25, 2014

When legs start speaking

May 25th,2014 was another special day..

Little legs walking on the busy roads of Indian silicon valley..
Sometimes its better to show the legs than one's face.
Legs can speak a lot...

Especially when someone else walks along with you.....
In my case.. it is someone who is very special,She is going to walk along with me life long.
i have just captured one fine moment here

"She walks in Beauty"

Its been more than two years since i fell in the dale of love with her..
But day by day the love for her is increasing,
Each and every moment with her is becoming memorable
Every time when i think about her there's is only one thing that comes to my mind..."Her smile".. Never seen someone smiling so cutely on this earth...I still envy her and love it.

The way she looks at me tells how much she loves....
The way she hugs me,shows how much i mean to her...
The way she walks in elegance.

Oh! God how long i have to wait to have her as my wife..