Friday, March 4, 2016

World of Pictures - I find myself happy here than anywhere else..

Nandhi Hills

Its been a year since i fell in love with photography.Thanks to #Audiphotography , #SridharBharathy #Stalinphotography #Paddyphotography pages.
These passionate photographers influenced me a lot, its not because I wanna become like them but I see myself more involved whenever I click pics..I’m happy, ethusiastic and energetic,so I keep clicking whatever I see everyday.
Travel click


I have shared some of my favourite clicks...

Rainy Morning (Bangalore)

Nandhi Hills

Road trip

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Startups - A new trend..

Before you start reading this post

I would like to say ,if you want to "startup", the basic criteria is,you have to  understand these jargons which are often used in the startup world.

Trust me folks you are disqualified if you are not aware of all these which are given below ;).

Growth hacking - Pitching - GMV - Word of mouth - Seeding funding - Series funding - Venture capitalist - Private equity partners - "Disruptive" (my favourite one ;)) - Customer acquiring - Foodtech - Healthcare - "Realistic/Achievable targets" - Innovation/Reverse engineering  - Healthcare - B2B - B2C - E-commerce/Anti e-commerce - Social - Digital - Mobile - Shares/stocks/RSUs - Market Share - layoffs - IoT - Wearables  and many more..

Last night I came across a new YouTube channel called TVF.

There was a series called "PITCHERS". It was a kind of web-series with 5 episodes.

(I keep reading about startups online and I firmly believe that these budding startups are gonna change this country's economy,but we should also accept the fact that things are in nascent stage,there is a lot more that has to be done by the government to bring a better startup ecosystem and growth environment, policy changes etc).

India is still way behind in the ease of doing business rank

Ironically,India is also a right place to do business, because there are lot of problems in India which has to be solved.

You get a chance to solve lot of problems in a country like India but are we finding a right problem, at the right time ?

Before you shout "Lets Startup"..ask these questions yourself..

-What you really wanna do with this life?
-Who you are?
-Are you solving a real time problem?
-Is your product/idea disruptive?
-Do you have a team which believes in the idea and ready to do anything for it ? (CTO/CFO/CMO,COO etc)
-Do you have a promising and sustainable revenue model?
-Can you pay your employees with the revenue generated without depending on funding over a period of time?

These days everyone wants to sell product online,everyone wants to become founders and co-founders.

I must say,the web-series "PITCHERS" clearly portrays the current startup scenario in India.
Every Tom ,Dick and Harry from India working in IT at some point of time wants to become an entrepreneur,especially those few geeks who are from IITs/IIMs.

I always had this question in mind why only IITian backed startups gets funding easily or someone from IIMA,B,C gets funding easily.
Maybe from outside it might look easy,but there is a lot of perseverance and dedication behind these well funded startups.

Why there is a sudden startup/technology boom in India?
Why VCs from outside are investing hell lot of money here in India?
How e-commerce is penetrating so much?

There is a cliche answer for all these questions..
Population, lot of customers..Big Market..
Smartphone costs have reduced drastically..
Smartphone and Internet penetration is increasing...
Compaines like Microsoft,Google,Facebook wanna invest more in India..But it is both a good and bad news folks...

Companies like Flipkart,Practo,Redbus,Carewale,,Zomato,Musigma, have really influenced and inspired a lot of youngsters..It is true..

Maybe this is because majority of working class are not happy with the 9 AM-5 PM jobs (They have got only weekends to freak-out,rejoice and live).
Even though few get paid more than what they deserve still they find themselves not much satisfied with their jobs.

Please don't try to start something just because your friend is a founder/Co-founder of some XYZ e-commerce or dot com company.

Couple of days ago i saw one of my friend joining a Foodtech startup as CTO.
All the best for him..There are already enough players in this area...;ets see how they are gonna scale-up.

Recently many food delivery startups closed their operations due to low margin and without a sustainable revenue model.
Investors are smart these days .. they don't want to invest in a company that sells napkins or pillows or car/bus pooling.

I personally feel ,there is a lot of scope in Healthcare and Agriculture side.

Also,startups working in the following areas are gonna make lot of money in the near future.

Logistics/warehouse automation/electric vehicles/solar/renewable energy/waste management.

I dont want to write more.. there is enough that has been written by digital magazines like Yourstory/Scroll/Scoopwhoop etc.

My suggestion would, be think thousand times before joining or starting up..

Think about the word "layoffs"

There is a lot of risk involved.. lot of sacrifice has to be demands a lot of dedication,trust & hard work.

Every month,you have to pay your rent,spend on food,credit card bills etc..

I am great fan of  Elon musk .. read about him to know what it takes to build a world class company..

I have pasted the link of the web-series "PITCHERS', try watching has a lot to say for those who like to 'startup"

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bangalore-- to --Hamburg via Chennai

Sorry for the fancy title..I forced myself to keep this title for no reason....

I Wish to start this with few lines from my "so called poems"

"Black tinted clouds were ready to spill,
Bold thunders reminded the times of fright like never before
Distant trees waved like green paintings gleaming in the dark
And we stand together holding hands"

Orange clouds, evening sunshine,.. took me to the buried memories

River to paddle and roads to waddle,
moonless nights to await and stunning seasons to bait.."

I was waiting for a right time to write about my two close friends and our Goa trip...
It all started almost a decade ago and i hope it continues for more decades ..

My school days ..
I would say it was both the worst and best phase of my life... 
I always had mixed feelings in each and every stage of my Life.
Life is a mystery always,.. Enigmatic..

A pic to remember..sorry guys ,for the madness i showed for taking this "epic picture"
I'm sure my two close friends (Sid and Aravind) would smile reading this ..

I have so much to write about them but i wont be able to write all that here

Thanks a lot guys

You both have influenced me a a good and positive way.
I have learnt a lot form you guys...
About Love,friendship,Rock music,Internet,Culture,society..etc.. its a long list..

Sid you have always inspired me as a good Engineer... Even though i was not able to become a good one like you.
I think i dont deserve to become one like you.. Maybe Life has kept something else for me.

Aravind you are surprised about my career option.... and I'm sure you will have a doubt about what i'm gonna do might be observing silently..

I'm sure Sid is not happy with what i did to myself...but I will handle it..I remember your words...and advice sessions in Goa and coimbatore..  I will make you feel proud someday.. I would always be a good friend..

Aravind would always be proud about you..
Our Life and goals have separated us after school.. friends.. breakups..hookups.. heartbreak..pain.. solace....and friendship again.

I have become mad..especially when you guys are not with me .. I m crazy enough to write all this in this post sitting in a den like room in Bangalore at midnight 1 o clock using my mobile phone....because of the Goa trip that we went a month ago..

Goa!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a trip it was.. I have never felt excited so much about any trip in my life time ....
We got along with each other after a very long time... A decade old friendship..had some of the best times of my life..
Thanks a lot guys once again..

We spent valuable time together which was a lifetime experience.. And moments to cherish... Aravind would never forget this trip I'm sure.. Lol...Sid would not deny it..

I am struggling to adapt in this electronic garden city..I love this city (Bangalore) but at the same time I have lot many reasons to  hate it... Money minded crazy people.. Pollution...unorganized .. Apathetic people... Sub-urbanization and lot more...

I start missing my Coimbatore and my close friends...

Aravind's thoughts ,views and perceptions about this society ,elite class people ,dalits,polity,Hindhi language,Eelam are sensible, insightful but also controversial and debatable..he may not be right always.. "Not always" ;)

Sid and I feel at times Aravind has changed a lot.. Things are not like before..
But life demands us to prioritize our needs based upon our dreams and goals..

Its OK the end of the day ..we are friends..we were friends and we will be friends and try to be in touch as far as possible....
I ask myself why i have to write about all this .. I don't know the answer.....

Some questions in life always remain unanswered...
Maybe after few years when I read this I would smile and become reminiscent.

Goa will never forget us..I think ;)

I hope the waves of Candoilm,Palolem,Velsao,Bagha,Calangute and the beaches we visited will invite us again to get drenched and kiss our legs..

I hope the Chapora fort,aguada fort,the room we stayed, will keep echoing our voices in the years and decades to come

I hope the roads and streets of south goa will invite Sid to drive again and go mad...

I hope the clean and tasty waters of dudh sagar will miss Sid and his camera ;) .. Lol

I hope the Shacks where we had lunch and clicked snaps will never forget us..

I am sure goa will never invite Aravind to "only booze" ;)

The "Enna da Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooova moment".

It was one awesome trip...
One should visit Goa atleast once in their lifetime with their best friends..worth spending money and time..

Its good to enjoy and spend time with best friends with your hard earned money...

You have lots to do in Goa other than boozing drooling or get drooled over .. ;)

Like,loury skies facing the earth,
Like ,withered leaves frowning at the blooms,
Like,horned owl gazing at the halo of moon,
We stay wordless before eternal verity....

Sunday, May 25, 2014

When legs start speaking

May 25th,2014 was another special day..

Little legs walking on the busy roads of Indian silicon valley..
Sometimes its better to show the legs than one's face.
Legs can speak a lot...

Especially when someone else walks along with you.....
In my case.. it is someone who is very special,She is going to walk along with me life long.
i have just captured one fine moment here

"She walks in Beauty"

Its been more than two years since i fell in the dale of love with her..
But day by day the love for her is increasing,
Each and every moment with her is becoming memorable
Every time when i think about her there's is only one thing that comes to my mind..."Her smile".. Never seen someone smiling so cutely on this earth...I still envy her and love it.

The way she looks at me tells how much she loves....
The way she hugs me,shows how much i mean to her...
The way she walks in elegance.

Oh! God how long i have to wait to have her as my wife..

Sunday, April 27, 2014

An Old Women Who Touched My Heart....

21st April 2014...

It was a busy evening in Bangalore

Heavy traffic,
I was tired and exhausted

Walking back to my hostel from office….

On the way, I came across an old women sitting in the roadside begging for money...
For a moment I felt she had lot of reasons to do that...
No food, No proper clothes to wear, no place to live, no family, no one to help or care,
I was not able to turn that side, not ready to face her and say “I don't have anything to help you”…

I don’t know in what language she was talking but I was able to realize that she is begging for money to eat...Pain of hunger…i saw,lot of people crossing that side but no one cared or turned to her side.

 Don't know what was the exact reason, but I always avoid seeing these kinds of scenes when I go out...

I felt disturbed for a moment, and then I have to become normal because after all I am a typical human being who is worried only about his family or his problems.

We people think we don't find time and money to solve our own problems,
We don’t have that kind of heart which worries about those innocent people who die in Sri lanka or people who die every day because of hunger and still starving in some unknown part of Africa.

We just read news papers or watch smart journalists in TV, who  keep shouting “India needs an answer” sitting in the AC studios comfortably just to increase the TRP.

Ultimately this world is running behind money and it is travelling towards another world where people are selfish and arrogant and that world will not know that there is something called humanity or empathy.

A new born baby will cry and say this one day...

“Dear Almighty,

I want a world where there is no money, where people love each other... I want those people who are good and who live like angels, not rude, not arrogant, not behind fame …people who are not selfish...I don't want a world where human beings keep running behind money.”

People are dying without food and basic needs but some are worried and unhappy because of filthy things in life like
“No girl friend, no money to booze ,no money to watch movies, no proper dresses to flaunt,EMI,no appraisal,marriage,lust,sex,own vehicle etc..”

Has anyone worried about those, who really struggle to live in this selfish world?

Everybody in this world have their own goals and dreams,
And to achieve that goal and make that dream come true….We need money...

“If you have a place to live in,
And food to eat thrice in a day then you are one of the richest persons in the world”
But apart from food, proper clothes and shelter...We have lot of attractions in this world which are worthless, useless.

Half of the families living in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai spend their time paying EMIs (home loans, Vehicle loans, Credit cards) and very keen about filling their bank "accounts" with money for the next generation.

To all those people who flaunt and spend money lavishly I want to say something

Dear folks,

Every time when we swipe our credit or debit card…Someone on the other side of the world might be dying because of money (debts).
Before wasting food... think about someone on the other side of the world who is dying without food (hunger, famine)
When we worry about our inability to own a house…think about those people who live in the roadside platforms...
When we keep worrying about our salary …think about those graduates who are jobless.…
Think about those uneducated children living on this earth...who don’t even know what currency means...

We are not going to take anything with us when we die....

Live and let live...

Mukesh Ishwar Parmar
(A typical Indian citizen)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Life in Bangalore

As I already mentioned in my previous post..Bangalore has given me a lot..

Thanks to that special person who is really driving me crazy,I'm totally mad about that person.
Sometimes in our life we have to take some decision which is really diffficult,some desicion may change your life,it turns your life upside down.
I feel,to gain something in life one has to lose something.
Each and every person on this earth will lose something or the other in his/her life to gain something...

Everyday this city looks new,
Busy roads,Lot of pollution,Weekend outing,lot of malls,pubs etc.
Traffic keeps changing everyday.. it can never be judged.
A Typical middle class Bangalore citizen faces 45-60 minutes of commute everyday.
I always observe this city in a different way..

Bangalore deserves to be called as "The Silicon valley of India".
Bangalore has become the hub of many Start-up companies.As a job consultant i was able to hear about many start-up companies.

Few years ago,i did not know that i would be starting my career in Bangalore..But today i am really happy that i have come here for a valid reason.

Many have not seen the darker side of Bangalore,I would be writing about it in my future posts.

I have got some really good friends in my workplace and PG.
Thanks to all.
You guys have made an impact.