Sunday, April 27, 2014

An Old Women Who Touched My Heart....

21st April 2014...

It was a busy evening in Bangalore

Heavy traffic,
I was tired and exhausted

Walking back to my hostel from office….

On the way, I came across an old women sitting in the roadside begging for money...
For a moment I felt she had lot of reasons to do that...
No food, No proper clothes to wear, no place to live, no family, no one to help or care,
I was not able to turn that side, not ready to face her and say “I don't have anything to help you”…

I don’t know in what language she was talking but I was able to realize that she is begging for money to eat...Pain of hunger…i saw,lot of people crossing that side but no one cared or turned to her side.

 Don't know what was the exact reason, but I always avoid seeing these kinds of scenes when I go out...

I felt disturbed for a moment, and then I have to become normal because after all I am a typical human being who is worried only about his family or his problems.

We people think we don't find time and money to solve our own problems,
We don’t have that kind of heart which worries about those innocent people who die in Sri lanka or people who die every day because of hunger and still starving in some unknown part of Africa.

We just read news papers or watch smart journalists in TV, who  keep shouting “India needs an answer” sitting in the AC studios comfortably just to increase the TRP.

Ultimately this world is running behind money and it is travelling towards another world where people are selfish and arrogant and that world will not know that there is something called humanity or empathy.

A new born baby will cry and say this one day...

“Dear Almighty,

I want a world where there is no money, where people love each other... I want those people who are good and who live like angels, not rude, not arrogant, not behind fame …people who are not selfish...I don't want a world where human beings keep running behind money.”

People are dying without food and basic needs but some are worried and unhappy because of filthy things in life like
“No girl friend, no money to booze ,no money to watch movies, no proper dresses to flaunt,EMI,no appraisal,marriage,lust,sex,own vehicle etc..”

Has anyone worried about those, who really struggle to live in this selfish world?

Everybody in this world have their own goals and dreams,
And to achieve that goal and make that dream come true….We need money...

“If you have a place to live in,
And food to eat thrice in a day then you are one of the richest persons in the world”
But apart from food, proper clothes and shelter...We have lot of attractions in this world which are worthless, useless.

Half of the families living in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai spend their time paying EMIs (home loans, Vehicle loans, Credit cards) and very keen about filling their bank "accounts" with money for the next generation.

To all those people who flaunt and spend money lavishly I want to say something

Dear folks,

Every time when we swipe our credit or debit card…Someone on the other side of the world might be dying because of money (debts).
Before wasting food... think about someone on the other side of the world who is dying without food (hunger, famine)
When we worry about our inability to own a house…think about those people who live in the roadside platforms...
When we keep worrying about our salary …think about those graduates who are jobless.…
Think about those uneducated children living on this earth...who don’t even know what currency means...

We are not going to take anything with us when we die....

Live and let live...

Mukesh Ishwar Parmar
(A typical Indian citizen)

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  1. This is the true face of the world i think you described it very well keep writing more blogs so that we can know more about it.
    Keep it up all the best :)