Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Life in Bangalore

As I already mentioned in my previous post..Bangalore has given me a lot..

Thanks to that special person who is really driving me crazy,I'm totally mad about that person.
Sometimes in our life we have to take some decision which is really diffficult,some desicion may change your life,it turns your life upside down.
I feel,to gain something in life one has to lose something.
Each and every person on this earth will lose something or the other in his/her life to gain something...

Everyday this city looks new,
Busy roads,Lot of pollution,Weekend outing,lot of malls,pubs etc.
Traffic keeps changing everyday.. it can never be judged.
A Typical middle class Bangalore citizen faces 45-60 minutes of commute everyday.
I always observe this city in a different way..

Bangalore deserves to be called as "The Silicon valley of India".
Bangalore has become the hub of many Start-up companies.As a job consultant i was able to hear about many start-up companies.

Few years ago,i did not know that i would be starting my career in Bangalore..But today i am really happy that i have come here for a valid reason.

Many have not seen the darker side of Bangalore,I would be writing about it in my future posts.

I have got some really good friends in my workplace and PG.
Thanks to all.
You guys have made an impact.


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  2. Engineer cum Recruiter cum blogger?? Using ur blogging skills to hone into a best consultant?? Anyways like ur blog its jus the beggining.. (one day the 'question' marks will turn into a 'comma') :D